Monday, October 27, 2014

The Process

If we're actors in life's play, who's doing the casting?
Maybe it's a bad joke, but who's doing the laughing?
Me if you're asking. Ignorance is bliss and I'm lacking education
Now add poverty to my pot of sensory deprivation
Guess I'm in the Joy/Bad Luck Club, sans elation
The "process" is a process that ends in probation
Or parole hopefully if you're incarcerated, felonism awaiting us
'Free' world living segregated like a prison bus
The unjust and the righteous they look just like us
Made in His image, I guess he's vain just like us
Cancer and a conscience are expensive, so pay your tax
It'll cost you your life and a refund can't pay it back
Now, run and tell that to Congress or whoever will listen
Tell them we're disenfranchised and lack that pot to piss in
We need pot for recreation and recreation for fat kids
You know the process is impeded when rich white kids do bids
You could lose your lid just pondering the "What have-you's"
Manipulate the statistics until the numbers grab you
Or until some homeless guys stabs you
Then, you're like "Me, too! I'm the victim!"
Send a hobo through the wringer and I bet it'll
fix him

by Vox

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