Thursday, October 23, 2014


The spirit came upon me strong, so I speak about it
Even though I woke up weak about it
So, I meditate out of it by going inside 'self'
Who else is going to help? I'm hopeless, feeling crazy
So I'm screaming JESUS, SAVE ME!
But nobody's yelling back, so I got a pack
Now, I'm selling crack to pay my tithes
Looking for truth within the lies
Looking to the skies for answers, but the stars ain't speaking
My third eye is blinking, so my mind keeps seeking
Finding Nothing certain
While they tell me to pay no attention to the man behind
the curtain
Yeah, the system is workin' and God's great economy is hurtin'
As depletion intensifies our demise is lurkin'
Unless we collectively WAKE UP!
Open your eyes and SPEAK UP and SPEAK OUT!
Against conglomerates and corporations that sell us these
nightmarish dreams
Against entities that employ us unwittingly to participate
in their dastardly schemes
We've been turned into a team of TAKERS
Numerous generations of fakers
We don't know who WE be
Siri and the TV give WE our identity
So instead of me being me,
I googled "How Can I Get Free?"

by Vox

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